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Rising. Increasing. Elevating.

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Tailored hospitality advisory for African markets

Rising. Increasing. Elevating.

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Building profitable hospitality businesses for Africa

Rising. Increasing. Elevating.

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Why Hausse Hospitality?


Hausse Hospitality works with clients who have existing hospitality businesses, or are looking to develop new hospitality projects, in traditionally overlooked and undeveloped African markets.

We are passionate about the development and sustained growth of the lodging, restaurant, travel and leisure industries in Africa, specifically in Nigeria and other West African markets. We believe in focusing on what the market actually needs and what will ultimately serve long term investment goals. We embrace and utilize the concepts of critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative open-mindedness to help our clients reach their goals.

Hausse Hospitality works out of Lagos, Nigeria and New York, USA. We are seasoned hospitality professionals who have industry experience from global hotel firms, hotel investment companies, and, W Hospitality Group, a leading Africa-based hospitality consulting firm.

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About Us

Hausse Hospitality believes in the future of hospitality in Africa. Our work draws on inspiration from diverse African cultures - many of which have traditionally upheld core hospitality values - while applying our varied experiences gained from hotel, real estate and investment firms in more developed western markets.

Hausse Hospitality provides development, operational and strategic planning services to owners and operators of hotels, restaurants, travel and other hospitality establishments.

Advisory Services

Market & Financial Reporting
Market Research & Analysis

Our experienced team of researchers and analysts conducts market studies and presents the market analysis that our clients require to make informed investment decisions.

Feasibility Studies

We undertake market and financial feasibility studies to support concept development and to determine project viability of hospitality projects.

Hospitality Investment Analysis

Using industry-approved financial models, and on the basis of our detailed market research, we project the financial and investment viability of proposed and existing hospitality businesses.

Concept & Strategy Development
Business Ideation & Concept Development

We conceptualize new hospitality business ideas and provide the planning and implementation roadmaps to investors.

Best Use Analysis

We undertake the research and analysis required to advise our clients with existing properties, on the ‘best-use’ for their properties..

Strategic Planning

We work with our clients to plan and execute strategic initiatives for their existing hospitality businesses.

Hospitality Operations
Operator Selection & Negotiation

We assist our clients in selecting optimal operators for their hospitality businesses, where required. We also represent their interests during the negotiations with the operators, to ensure that investment objectives are met.

Turn-around Hospitality Solutions

For hospitality establishments that are not meeting profit expectations, we provide a hands-on approach to identify and resolve business challenges.

Strategic Marketing Plan

We support our clients with developing, launching and implementing market strategies for new hotel or in support of a hotel turn-around.

Case Studies

Feasibility Study for Hotel Project in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

We were engaged, by joint venture partners, to determine the market and financial feasibility of the proposed hotel development.

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Strategic Repositioning Advisory & Operator Negotiation for Lagos Boutique Hotel

We were contacted by a Lagos hotel owner whose property was not meeting expected profit expectations. The hotel’s owner wanted to consider its options for a strategic repositioning that would increase profitability.

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Pre-opening for New-Build Hotel in South West Nigeria

We were contracted to provide advisory services to a hotel owner who was completing development of a hotel and conference property, located in a South Western town in Nigeria.

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We partner with Estate Intel to provide news updates on African hotel developments. Estate Intel is Africa’s largest digital commercial property database.

We are proud of our partnership with W Hospitality Group, the leading hotel investment advisory firm in West Africa. We partner on providing investment advisory and development management services for hotel projects.


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